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A Matter of Life: Psychological Theory, Research and Practice

Roswith Roth, Sandra Neil, 2001, 560 Seiten

Artikelnummer: ISBN 3935357737
Kategorie: Psychologie
Preis: 10.00 EUR
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  • S.E.S. Neil:

  • Eclectic Existential Psychotherapy

  • Opening Ceremony Speech at the 56th Annual Convention of ICP

  • Opening Ceremony Speech at the Regional Conference of ICP in Bali, Indonesia

  • Opening Address

  • Perspectives on Women: Looking Ahead into the Next Century

  • Anglicization of Hindu Funerals in England: Ist Impact on Ancient Cultural Practices

  • Problem Gambling: A Global Overview with Illustrations from Sweden and New Zealand

  • Integrating Implicit Representations of Self and Significant Others: Construing or Stereotyping?

  • The Frequency of Discussion on HIV/AIDS Among Adolescents in Botswana

Dedication to Prabha Khanna

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